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Rotating menu banquet style buffet service

Delectable Dining Options

At the Henry Center, you will never have to eat the same meal twice. The University Club of MSU prepares delicious dining options on a rotating basis leaving your guests delighted and energized for the rest of the day.

During the morning and afternoon, attendees can enjoy a quick meal and beverage to stay alert and focused during their event. Our morning continuous break service offers guests a selection of hot and cold beverages and assorted breads and pastries for a light meal. During the afternoon, we provide hot and cold beverages as well as a rotation of snacks and either a fruit and cheese tray or vegetable crudités tray. Guests can take a break and socialize while refueling for the rest of the meeting.

A luncheon buffet at the Henry Center is offered from 11:30 am to 1:00pm and served for all guests of the facility in the Atrium, an elegant dining space with reserved seating. Guests are offered hot lunch options on the buffet line, a variety of salads and bread, dessert and beverages. Multiple day events never need to worry about eating the same thing twice with the University Club of MSU’s rotating menus.